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How to stream music on a schedule with Alexa Routines


Source CNET.Com

Once limited, Alexa Routines can now control your home and stream music on a schedule.

A few months ago, Amazon rolled out one of the larger feature updates for Alexaspeakers to date: Routines. This lets you automate lights and other connected devices on a schedule, or lump multiple commands into one. "Alexa, good night" could be programmed to turn off smart bulbs around the house, lock the door, set a specific temperature and more, for example. Routines further cement Alexa as the brains of the smart home.

Routines came with a couple caveats though. First, you could only control smart bulbs and a handful of other devices. (They've since been updated to support more.) The bigger drawback, though, was the lack of music streaming.

Music alarms were a step in the right direction. But not being able to say, "Alexa, set the mood" and having the lights dim and calm music play felt like a huge missed opportunity.

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